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Pálfi for the Cottbus Lubina

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Four Hungarian movies enrich the Cottbus Festival of East European Cinema beginning on 10th November.
The Central and Eastern European film community comes together between 10-15 November at the 19th annual Cottbus Film Festival. Traditionally the festival centres on the competitions for feature and short films, both selections include Hungarian contenders this year.
György Pálfi’s latest full-length movie I’m Not Your Friend and Pici Pápai’s short Coming Out have been invited in the competitive programs.
An international festival jury consisting of Kira Saksaganskaya, Roman Gutek, Robert Stadlober, Srdan Golubovic and Pinar Erincin will choose the winner of the feature film awards, among others the Lubina main prize.
The section “National Hits”, presenting box-office success from the region, includes Gábor Herendi’s A Kind of America 2, which earned almost 500 000 admissions in Hungary to date. FilmFestival Cottbus' “Spektrum” presents Gergely Fonyó’s Made in Hungaria. The festival favourite rock’n’roll musical debuted at Variety Critics’ Choice this summer in Karlovy Vary.