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Zomborácz and Bucsi awarded at Valladolid IFF

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utoelet afterlife huMeeting Point Program’s Best Feature Film Award went to Virág Zomborácz’s directorial debut feature, AFTERLIFE (Utóélet), while Réka Bucsi’s short animation, SYMPHONY No.42, won Golden Spike Award at the 59th Valladolid IFF.

Best Feature Film Award for AFTERLIFE by Virág Zomborácz
“The Meeting Point Jury wants to award and celebrate in this film the iconoclastic, incorrect point of view of a community, a family, a couple and religion in Hungary through a “sick” man who is the person who best perceives everything, in a film that we feel deeply from Eastern Europe, here in Valladolid.”

Mózes is a rather neurotic young man in his twenties who is unable to meet his pastor father’s expectations: to be active, enterprising and brave. When the pastor unexpectedly suffers a heart attack and dies, Mózes is almost relieved: there is no more pressure on him to have a career in the church. But at the reception after the funeral he notices his father’s disoriented ghost which - although it cannot speak - follows him everywhere from that moment on.

Golden Spike Award for SYMPHONY No.42 by Réka Bucsi
Two polar bears sit in deckchairs by the river and fish. A shot is fired. A woman wears a fox as a stole around her neck. She smokes and exhales, everything turns red. Two elderly ladies wait at a zebra crossing where the flow of cars is directed by a traffic light. One of them holds a barking dog on a leash. The other takes a pair of scissors and cuts the leash. The dog runs away. End of story, next shot. A woman mows the lawn in a red bathing suit; lying on the grass in front of her is a dolphin, gasping for air. A recurring location is the forest, which no longer holds the promise of retreat.