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Hungarian Diploma Film in Competition at Turin FF

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van valami100Gábor Reisz’s directorial debut feature, FOR SOME INEXPLICABLE REASON, will have its Italian premiere in competition at the 32th Torino Film Festival. The premiere will be introduced by Gábor Reisz, editor Zsófia Tálas and producer Júlia Berkes on 27th November in Cinema Reposi.

a Proton Film – University of Theatre and Film Arts co-production

Director, Screenplay, DoP: Gábor Reisz: Gábor Reisz: Gábor Reisz
Editor: Zsófia Tálas, Sound: Péter Benjámin Lukács, Costumes: Júlia Szlávik
Producer: Júlia Berkes, Miklós Bosnyák, Co-producer: Viktória Petrányi
Production company: Proton Cinema, University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest
Cast: Áron Ferenczik, Kati Takács, Zsolt Kovács, Zalán Makranczi, Erika Kapronczai

Áron is dumped by his girlfriend just as he is about to turn thirty. He feels as though he needs to completely remake a life for himself. If before, as a couple, it seemed all right to live from day to day without a steady job, now all of a sudden things have changed and the idea of going abroad is no longer just a hypothesis. Oppressed by these thoughts, by the obsessive memory of his ex-girlfriend and by the anxiety of his omnipresent mother, Áron, behind his parents’ back, makes a reservation to go to Portugal, thanks to their credit card and the false courage that comes from a bottle. But before leaving he meets a person: an encounter that could be decisive. Too bad it might not be so simple to see that person again.

Gábor Reisz (Budapest, Hungary, 1980) started his studies at the Hungarian University of P.E. and went on to Loránd Eotvos University on film theory and film history. He won a place at University of Theatre and Film, Budapest as a film and television director in 2006. He made a lot of short movies in the school as writer and director. For Some Inexplicable Reason is his debut feature film.

Director’s statement: "I wanted to make a film that not only reacts to the current agonies of living in Hungary, but occasionally shows people of Budapest in a completely documentaristic way, in order to reflect to the lives and problems of the local middle class. Despite the documentaristic approach, the main storyline is purely fictional, with directed scenes, and the situations within will be familiar to anyone from everyday life."

Screenings @ Torino Film Festival

Cinema Classico
26 November 2014 / 11.00
Press screening

Cinema Reposi - Sala 3
27 November 2014 / 17.00
28 November 2014 / 09.30

Cinema Massimo - Sala 3
29 November 2014 / 20.00

Director Ferzan Ozpetek will serve as jury president of the 32th Torino Film Festival, Hungarian director György Pálfi (Hukkle, Taxidermia, Free Fall) will be on the jury.