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WHITE GOD – First-ever Hungarian film at Sundance

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whitegod 100Kornél Mundruczó's latest film WHITE GOD will have its US premiere at Sundance Film Festival. The Cannes Un Certain Regard Jury Prize winner film will be the first-ever Hungarian full-length feature to appear in the selection of the world-famous festival of independent films, which will be held in Park City from 22 January.

White God will be screened at the festival as part of the Spotlight selection. "Regardless of where these films have played throughout the world, the Spotlight program is a tribute to the cinema we love." - noted Sundance Programming Team. World-famous talents discrovered by Sundance, held in Park City, Utah, since 1985, include Steven Soderbergh, Quentin Tarantino, Richard Kelly, Benh Zeitlin and Damien Chazelle.

Following its successful world premiere in Cannes, where it won the main prize of the Un Certain Regard programme, White God achieved outstanding success in cinemas across Hungary and received a number of awards at international film festivals. Following Slovakia, Belgium and the Netherlands, the film has been released in French cinemas to critics' great acclaim this week. It will be screened in British cinemas from January, in US movie theatres from February and in German cinemas from March.

Kornél Mundruczó's newest film is a story of the indignities visited upon animals by their supposed "human superiors," but it’s also a brutal, beautiful metaphor for the political and cultural tensions sweeping contemporary Europe. When young Lili is forced to give up her beloved dog Hagen, because it's mixed-breed heritage is deemed 'unfit' by the State, she and the dog begin a dangerous journey back towards each other. At the same time, all the unwanted, unloved and so-called 'unfit' dogs rise up under a new leader, Hagen, the one-time housepet who has learned all too well from his 'Masters' in his journey through the streets and animal control centers how to bite the hands that beats him...

White God is Mundruczó's deliberate attempt "to touch a broader audience" with a "sentimental adventure film". "Our goal with White God was to address a wider audience while analysing a really important question. We wanted to create an emotional story where we can observe the exclusive mechanism of the white European civilisation, as the superior human struggles with a supressed species." - declared Viktória Petrányi, the producer of the film.

White God represents Hungary in the category of best foreign-language film in the Oscar and Golden Globe races.
The Hungarian-German-Swedish co-production was supported by the Hungarian National Film Fund.
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