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Márton Szirmai Awarded Again

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Márton Szirmai was awarded for TRIPE AND ONIONS at the Cleveland IFF and for his latest documentary, THE SINKING VILLAGE in Athens.
Márton Szirmai was awarded for Tripe and Onions (2006) in Cleveland and for his latest documentary, The Sinking Village in Athens.
The Hungarian director won the Cleveland IFF's "Clower and Maggie Award for his short film, Tripe and Onions directed in 2006. 160 shorts were invited to the grandiose Ohio film festivity that ended on 16th March. The seven-minute Tripe and Onions, prized by the Hungarian Film Critics with the Best Short Film in 2007, is a popular guest of the international festivals. Next time it can be seen in Belgrade and later on at the Australian DeREEL independent film festival.
The jury of the International Competition - Medium And Short Length Films of the 7th Ecocinema Festival in Athens, comprised of Elise Rappoport, Manolis Andriotakis and Arjon Dunnewind was happy to give the award for Best Short Film to The Sinking Village by Marton Szirmai. A great deal of thought has gone into all elements of this film from the sound design to the easily flowing and often amusing narrative. The clever character observations skillfully illustrate the issues while managing to strike a perfect balance between humour and irony.