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FATHER'S ACRE Premiere in Thessaloniki

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Winner of the Gene Moskowitz Prize awarded by foreign critics at the 2009 Hungarian Film Week, Viktor Oszkár Nagy’s debut feature competes for the Golden Alexander at Greece's most prestigious cinematic event.
Within ten days, from November 13 to 22, the seventh art fans will have the opportunity to see the best of recent emerging filmmakers’ work. Greece's grandest and most prestigious event for the 7th art will be held for the 50th time in Thessaloniki.
The jubilee TIFF invited Viktor Oszkár Nagy’s debut feature, Father’s Acre , to compete for the prestigious Golden Alexander, Thessaloniki’s main award. The Hungarian director attends the international premiere in person.

Theo Angelopoulos is leading the seven-member international jury, which also includes Serbian actress Mirjana Karanovic, Hungarian director György Pálfi, and directors Amos Poe and Lav Diaz.

The Hukkle and Taxidermia auteur, György Pálfi's latest feature will be shown in the thematic selection entitled "Post Romance".