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20th SCHLINGEL Main Prize went to PAW

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mancs 100Robert Pejo’s family film was awarded Best Film Prize at the leading children and young audience film festival held its jubilee edition in Chemnitz, Germany.

The International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience SCHLINGEL reached a highlight at the festive Awards Ceremony on Saturday evening. Ten juries had the difficult task of choosing their favourite films. 156 film productions were screened from 46 countries. Altogether, 14 prizes were awarded with a total value of about 57,000 Euros, the festival attracted ca. 17,500 cinema visitors.

mancs cikkThe jubilee edition’s European Children Jury, composed of 18 children of 9 different nationalities, has awarded the European Children Film Award sponsored by the Saxon Ministry of Culture (endowed with 12,500 Euros and initiated by the Saxon State Ministry for Science and Fine Arts) to Hungarian film, PAW directed by Robert Pejo.

Justification: It has not been easy to reach a unanimous decision. Yet the story of Paw really touched us. The actors embodied their roles convincingly. With its imported animations, the exciting film was able to make us laugh time and time again. It is a film for the entire family since it is about everyday problems we experience day after day. We were especially excited by the four-legged-animal’s loyalty and extraordinary senses.
With ist German title, Mika – Dein Bester Freund ein grosser Held!, the Hungarian family film was released on DVD by Schröder Media on 8 October.