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Molodist Honorary Award to Marta Meszaros

meeszaaros marta 100Molodist festival audience will get a change to meet the most famous female Hungarian director Marta Meszaros. For her invaluable contribution to the world cinema she will will be honoured at the opening ceremony of the 46th Kyiv IFF Molodist with Honorary Scythian Deer Award.
Molodist's HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY special program is dedicated to 60th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian revolution and represents selection of best features from every decade, counting from 1956 and till present day.

Marta Meszaros was born in Budapest in 1931, but in 1935 her family moved to the USSR, where her father, sculptor Laszlo Meszaros was killed in the GULAG. This traumatic experience of the family formed the basis of her autobiographical series of "Diary" films, started by the movie "Diary for my Children" (1984), which brought her worldwide fame.

During her long-lasting career in cinematography Marta Meszaros directed 62 films (between 1954 and 2016), was a screenwriter of 26. She also had an experience of film editor, producer and cinematographer. Meszaros has worked with such prominent actors as Delphine Seyrig, Marina Vlady, Anna Karina, Fanny Ardant, Isabelle Huppert, Jan Nowicki, Jerzy Radziwiłowicz, Olaf Lubaszenko, Olga Drozdova. Russian bard Vladimir Vysotsky starred in her film “The two of them” (1977).

Among her numerous awards are Bela Balazs Award (1977), The Kossuth Prize (1990), Prima Award (2013). She also won the Golden Bear and the Silver Bear at the Berlinale, the FIPRESCI Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, the Silver Shell at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Was a member of the jury at Berlin International Film Festival (1976) and Venice International Film Festival (1983).



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