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Awarded Shorts

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László Nemes and Krisztina Esztergályos were recognized at international short film events in Soria and Bilbao, Spain.

Certamen Internacional de Cortos Ciudad de Soria, the international short film contest in North Spain ended Saturday evening. The contest’s Main Prize in the foreign film category went to László Nemes for The Counterpart. The Hungarian director accepted the recognition in person. The 14 minutes picture focusing on the "encounter after many years of two old friends separated by the world" was produced by Budapest Inforg Studio and won several awards including Bucharest DaKINO Best Short Award and Italian Fano fest Special Grand Prize earlier.
The International Jury of the 51st Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival, ZINEBI 51 recognized Kriszina Esztergályos for her diploma film Variations with the Special Mention. The leading Spanish short film event presented in competition 84 works arriving from 38 countries. Krisztina Esztergalyos, whose Variations won the Locarno Silver Leopard this summer, attended the Bilbao closing ceremony in person. http://www.zinebi.com