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Best Director: Vranik

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Sevilla Festival de Cine Europeo awarded Best Director and Student Jury's Prize to Roland Vranik for TRANSMISSION.

The leading Spanish film event, Sevilla Festival de Cine Europeo ended on 14th November.
The Award for Best Direction, which was open to all the films in the competitive sections, has gone to Roland Vranik for his film Transmission. The award recognised the director's work in this story of a world in which every screen has gone blank.The prestigious recognition was accepted by the Hungarian director in person at Saturday night closing ceremony.
Official Selection Jury was presided by one of the world cinema’s most influential directors, Nicolas Roeg. Jury members were Gabriele Röthemeyer (CEO of MFG Film Fund, Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg), one of 50 female 'movers and shakers' in worldwide arts and entertainment (Variety) Hannah McGill, writer Juan Cobos Wilkins and scriptwriter, novelist, journalist Manuel Hidalgo.


What would happen if all the television and computer screens in the world were hit by a blackout? That’s the question asked in the film by the Hungarian director Roland Vranik shown at the Seville Festival. Roland Vranik has tried to avoid apocalyptic stereotypes. Using the family as a basis he tries to warn about the danger of the existing addiction to screens and the abstinence syndrome suffered by people when they don’t have access to them. He has tried to tell the story with a universal vision, ‘It could happen anywhere’. The idea came up because 'I saw a documentary in which several families were submitted to an experiment which consisted of the elimination of all domestic electrical appliances (refrigerators, microwaves, washing machine…), in order to discover the addiction to those gadgets, and I was struck to see that the lack of television became the main trauma for these families.
The idea of a world without screens came up ‘because of my fear of screen mania’, said Vranik. According to the Hungarian director, society is totally dependent on screens and he wondered what might happen if these all disappeared for some reason. On checking this scientifically, he was told that this would be impossible.   When presenting the film, the Hungarian director was accompanied by the actress Kata Wéber, and they spoke about the peculiar subject matter of ‘Transmission’, included in the Festival’s Official Section.

The Hungarian sci-fi dystopia feature, Transmission, is currently competing at Turin IFF's main competition. Forthcoming festival presentations include Lima showcase, Bratislava IFF and Tallinn Black Nights cinematic event.