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Ourense, Brno, Cluj-Napoca - Three international film festivals awarded Hungarian movies last weekend.
Three international film festivals awarded Hungarian Films last weekend. Péter Gárdos, László Nemes, Gábor Herendi, Karchi Perlmann - the authors of the Hungarian movies have been praised in Galicia's Ourense, in Brno and Cluj-Napoca.
Péter Gárdos was in Spain Saturday night to receive the Special Mention of the jury of the 14th International Film Festival of Ourense for his latest feature film Prank. "Due to the special direction of non professional actors, both adults and specially children and teenagers, in this moving story in which two different ways of understanding education and learning in very closed political and religious societies are confronted. This confrontation, the one of good versus evil, is as actual now as almost a century ago." – assumed the jury in Ourense.
After numerous international festivals and awards, László Nemes' 13 minutes short, With a Little Patience has been given this time the Bronze Medal Award in Brno, second most populous city of the Czech Republic.
In Cluj-Napoca, an international festival of film comedies has been held for the first time between October 10-18. The cinematic event named "Comedy Cluj" has awarded three films from Hungary.
Judit Schell has received the Prize for Best Actress for her performance in Just Sex and Nothing Else (2006), a first feature directed by UCLA graduate Krisztina Goda. The public of Cluj-Napoca liked the most Gábor Herendi's comedy hit, A Kind of America, which won the Audience Prize. Karchi Perlmann's satiric picture, The Dinner, won Best Short Film Prize last Saturday in Cluj-Napoca.