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25th Haifa IFF

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Israel's oldest film festival beginning on the 3rd October presents rock’n’roll musical MADE IN HUNGARIA and debut drama LOST TIMES from Hungary.
Israel's premier and oldest film festival begins on the 3rd October. The 25th Haifa IFF presents two Hungarian movies this year.
The Golden Reel main prize winner of the last Hungarian Film Week, Áron Mátyássy’s debut drama Lost Times and local box office hit musical Made in Hungaria represent recent Magyar cinematography in Haifa. Made in Hungaria will be screened in attendance of director Gergely Fonyó and cinematographer Sándor Csukás.
Lost Times
18:15 6/10/09 Cinematheq
15:30 10/10/09 Cinematheq
Made in Hungaria
19:45 7/10/09 Rapaport
20:15 10/10/09 Rapaport