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TRANSMISSION for the Heart of Sarajevo

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Movies by Roland Vranik, Bálint Kenyeres, Pici Pápai, Eszter Cseke, Zsigmond Gábor Papp, Géza M. Tóth and György Pálfi enrich the program of the Sarajevo Festival, which kicks off the 12th August.
The crème of the international cinematographic profession will get together in the Bosnian capital from the 12th August. Numerous Hungarian pictures, filmmakers and professionals will attend the leading festival of the region, the Sarajevo Film Festival.
Roland Vranik’s second feature, Transmissionhas been invited as one of the ten contenders of the main competition. The Filmpartners and Laokoon Film coproduction, Transmission which reveals "a world without pictures", will have its international premiere at the Sarajevo film showcase's competition. Along with Roland Vranik, producer Gábor Kovács, editor Wanda Kiss, actors Károly Hajduk, Sándor Terhes and production manager Judit Stalter will also attend the gala screening.
Benedek Fliegauf will be a member of the international jury, which decides who should receive the main competition’s awards, among others the Heart of Sarajevo.

Two Hungarian filmmakers are ready to set sail in the documentary competition of the prestigious Southeast-European film showcase. Zsigmond Gábor Papp’s agent movie, Spy in a One Horse Town – which was rewarded the Best Documentary Prize (ex aequo) at this year’s Hungarian Film Week in Budapest, as well as Fata Morgana directed by Eszter Cseke. The 22 minutes long creative documentary was last years top award winner at the Aristoteles Workshop in Sibiu, Romania.
The list of invited Hungarians to Sarajevo proves the great vitality of the Magyar short movie. Beside Bálint Kenyeres’ The History of Aviation premiered in Cannes, Géza M. Tóth’s Mama, a tale of a worldwide hanging out, Pici Pápai’s Coming Out starring Andor Lukáts and Orsi Tóth, will participate in the short film competition.
An international jury will decide which short will qualify to be nominated for the European Film Academy Short Film Award. Éva Vezér, managing director of Magyar Filmunió will also be part of the jury.
György Pálfi’s I’m Not Your Friend, a surprising feature based on improvisations, will be screened at the “In Focus” selection of the Sarajevo Festival, which is lining up prominent film directors.
3 Hungarian film projects have been invited to the CineLink Forum: László Nemes, Károly Mészáros and Mihály Schwechtje will be presenting their films in pre-production to the professionals. Altogether 19 projects of the region will compete for the 10000 Euro CineLink Main Prize.
Producer Gábor Pusztai and director Nóra Lakos will participate in the Sarajevo Talent Campus, parallel event of the regions’ outstanding fest.