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Palm Springs' Best of Festival Award to THE DINNER

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Karchi Perlmann's short, THE DINNER won the Best of Festival Award at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival. Karchi Perlmann received the prestigious award personally.
The 15th Palm Springs International Short Film Festival ended with a big Hungarian achievement last weekend. 315 films were presented at the Californian film event.
The award which goes to the Best Film of the festival went to Karchi Perlmann’s US-Hungarian coproduction, The Dinner.
The 26 minutes long absurd rural comedy, starring Piroska Molnár, Olga Koós, Judit Pogány and László Klementisz, and photographed by János Vecsernyés, is the first film of the 48 years old director, who lives in Los Angeles.
Accepting the award, Perlmann said: "This is truly one of my best experiences of being at a festival with this film. This town truly supports independent cinema." (
Karchi Perlmann is currently working on his new short, "Meddig él egy fa?" (How Long Does a Tree Live?), produced by Ágnes Havas.