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Márta Mészáros to chair Hungarian Film Week’s main jury

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Jury members of the 40th Hungarian Film Week have been announced - Márta Mészáros presides over the feature film jury including Jenő Hartyándi, Elemér Ragályi, Ferenc Tolvaly and Oscar winner Vilmos Zsigmond.
The anniversary edition will be opened by Hungarian cinematography’s iconic figure Mari Törőcsik on January 29th. The opening ceremony hosts the world premiere of Bálint Kenyeres’ new film, THE HISTORY OF AVIATION.
The jury members of the 40th Hungarian Film Week’s competition sections have been announced.
Golden Reel feature film jury:
director Márta Mészáros (president),
festival director Jenő Hartyándi,
director/cinematographer Elemér Ragályi,
writer/director Ferenc Tolvaly,
cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond

The opening ceremony of the traditional Magyar cinema showcase will be held at the Budapest Congress and World Trade Center on Thursday 29th January at 19 pm, where the Lifetime Achievement Awards and the Master of the Hungarian Motion Picture Award will be handed over.
Lifetime Achievement Awards 2009:
director Péter Bacsó, art director Tivadar Bertalan, costume designer Fanni Kemenes, actor István Szilágyi and director Sándor Szőnyi G.
Master of the Hungarian Motion Picture Award:
director Judit Elek
After the prize giving ceremony, the Film Week will be opened officially by world famous actress Mari Törőcsik (pictured).
The world premiere of The History of Aviation, a new short by EFA short film award winner Bálint Kenyeres (Before Dawn) will open the 40th Hungarian Film Week. The Hungarian-French coproduction was shot in Normandy with international cast and crew.
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40th Hungarian Film Week