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Magyar filmek Karlovy Varyban - vetítési időpontok

Mészáros Márta Nagy Imre-portréja kapott meghívást a július elsején kezdődő 40. Karlovy Vary Nemzetközi Filmfesztivál játékfilmversenyébe. A legjelentősebb közép-európai A-kategóriás filmversenyen további öt alkotás képviseli Magyarországot.

The Unburied Man | A temetetlen halott

Directed by: Márta Mészáros
Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic, 2005, 127 min
A cinematic statement on the end of the life of Communist Premier Imre Nagy, who tried to institute democracy in 1956 during the Hungarian Uprising. He was executed and his name long became taboo. This reconstruction of his attitudes and life draws on a memoir written by his daughter Erzsébet.
617  6.7. 18:00 Grand Hall - Thermal
7E4  7.7. 13:30 Espace Dorleans Cinema

Dallas Among Us | Dallas Pashamende
Directed by: Adrian Robert Pejo
Hungary, Germany, Austria, Romania, 2005, 93 min
Radu Dima travels to his native village of Dallas for his father’s funeral. He is a Romany who left his community to become a teacher. His return to the fold of the poorest and most wretched of individuals reminds him of his past and confronts him with a stark and hopeless reality.
8D6  8.7. 17:00 Theatre Karlovy Vary
9L4  9.7. 13:30 Cinema Lázně III

Fateless | Sorstalanság
Directed by: Lajos Koltai
Hungary, Germany, United Kingdom, 2005, 140 min
This sensitive and unusual story about a Jewish boy who gradually falls through the cogs of the Nazi extermination machine, is constructed on the contrast between the horror of life in the concentration camp, and the disinterested, seemingly abstract narration of an adolescent teenager.
2E6  2.7. 19:00 Espace Dorleans Cinema
3R1  3.7. 10:30 Richmond Cinema

The District | Nyócker!
Directed by: Áron Gauder
Hungary, 2005, 90 min
A post-communist South Park. A wild animation feature made in Hungary but definitely not for children, which offers a politically incorrect, rough vision of the contemporary world of former Eastern Europe via the microcosm of Budapest’s run-down 8th district with its bad reputation. A potential cult movie.
7C7  7.7. 19:30 Čas Cinema
8C4  8.7. 14:00 Čas Cinema

Before Dawn | Before Dawn
Directed by: Bálint Kenyeres
Hungary, 2005, 13 min
Before dawn, it is quiet in the fields. Before dawn, some people will rise from them, and other people will take away their hope
2C8  2.7. 22:30 Čas Cinema
515  5.7. 15:00 Grand Hall - Thermal
8C8  8.7. 22:30 Čas Cinema

Tom Tamás | Tom Tamás
Directed by: Gabriella Cserháti, Fabien Lartigue
Hungary, 2005, 9 min
Tom Tamás is a young man living in his own fairytale world. Is he romantic or perverse? Will he find the perfect girl with the help of his obscure practices?
2C8  2.7. 22:30 Čas Cinema
515  5.7. 15:00 Grand Hall - Thermal
8C8  8.7. 22:30 Čas Cinema