BETA MNF / Magyar Filmunió - Budapest 1365 Pf. 748. - Hungary - Phone: +36 1 461 1320
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Magyar Filmunió

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Magyar Filmunió, International Division of the Hungarian National Film Fund
(Legal Hungarian name : Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap Közhasznú Nonprofit Zrt.)

Mailing address: Budapest 1365 Pf. 748. Hungary

Offices: Budapest 1145, Róna utca 174./N Hungary

Phone: +36 1 461 1320

Magyar Filmunió was established in 1992 by the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary for the promotion of the Hungarian cinematography throughout the world. Since October 2011, Magyar Filmunió has been operating as the International Division of the Hungarian National Film Fund.

The main fields of activity of the company

- organisation of the participation of Hungarian films (feature films, shorts, documentaries and animation) at international film festivals
- organisation of retrospective screenings and national film weeks abroad
- organisation of the Hungarian Film Week, the national film festival in Budapest
- contact and collaboration on a regular bases with international professional organisations and with national cinema and audiovisual bodies world-wide
- organisation of conferences, workshops and meetings of the audiovisual sector
- acting as a switchboard between Hungarian industry professionals and their partners abroad

Festival activity
The basic activity of Magyar Filmunió is the promotion of the Hungarian films abroad, to promote awareness of Hungarian film-making at an international level within the circle of professionals as well as of a wide public.
The annual Hungarian feature film, short, documentary and animation production is offered for selection and is nominated by Magyar Filmunió at international film festivals. In addition to the participation at major international industry events such as Berlin, Cannes, Moscow, Karlovy Vary, Venice, Locarno or Montreal, Magyar Filmunió's endeavour is to present the contemporary Hungarian film production at as many festivals and events as possible.

Since May 2001 Magyar Filmunió has been a member of European Film Promotion, taking part actively in the initiatives of the organisation that is supported by the MEDIA Plus Programme of the European Union.

The Hungarian cinematography, with its fame and traditions, with high artistic value, acclaimed authors, directors and cinematographers is playing a significant role in world-wide cinematography. The organisation of retrospective screenings and film weeks abroad presenting library titles helps keep all these values and traditions alive.


Csaba BERECZKI csaba.bereczki(at)
Director, International Division of the Hungarian National Film Fund
Eurimages Representative

Festival Managers:
Marta BENYEI marta.benyei(at), Katalin VAJDA kati.vajda(at)

Klaudia ANDROSOVITS klaudia.androsovits(at), Krisztina ORR krisztina.orr(at)

Public Relations:
Csaba Zoltan PAPP csaba.papp(at)