Hungarian Movies Go East

The 2009 goEast film festival is about to open in Wiesbaden, Germany. For the ninth time, the Festival of Central and Eastern European film staged by the German Institute of Film – DIF is mounting a wide-ranging survey of filmmaking in the region. Three features from Hungary have been invited.

The 2009 Competition offers a strong line-up of ten feature films including Gábor Dettre's TABLEAU starring Zoltán Mucsi, Imre Csuja, Péter Scherer, Géza Tordy, Ági Szirtes.
The competition prizes – including the Škoda Award for Best Film, the Award for Best Director Award from the City of Wiesbaden, – will be announced at 19.00 on 28 April in the Caligari FilmBühne, Wiesbaden. In 2009, Jerzy Stuhr is presiding over the distinguished Festival Jury responsible for choosing the prizewinners.

Set in the Budapest underworld, Hungarian director Gábor Dettre’s dark thriller is based on a novel by co-scriptwriter Ákos Kertész. When the antique dealer Schulter is murdered, the police quickly discover that the dead man was involved in human trafficking and prostitution. The case is placed in the hands of György Karcsi, a disillusioned chief detective in his fifties, who finds his investigations hampered by the ubiquitous prejudice against gypsies. Coming from a Rom family himself, he encounters hostility not only from witnesses in the case but also from his own colleagues. A suspect is soon identified: Béla, a fellow Rom who was having an affair with Schulter’s wife. Although the victim’s safe has been found in Béla’s home, György remain unconvinced that he is the murderer. The detective continues to question Schulter’s acquaintances, few of whom express sorrow over the antique dealer’s untimely demise. One of his interviewees is Ágnes, a young Rom girl from Transsylvania, who was brought to Hungary with eleven other girls and forced into prostitution. Wanting to protect the under-age girl from wrongful accusations, György takes her into his home, much to the displeasure of Eva, his wife. Finding his way through the maze of the murdered man’s life is suddenly only one of the detective’s problems – he is also struggling to resist his desire for Ágnes. With this thriller in the best noir tradition, Gábor Dettre draws a vivid portrait of a society dominated by contempt, bigotry and cynicism. The figure of the spent, ageing detective, played by Zoltán Mucsi, combines classical elements of the genre with issues relating to the racism he encounters from all quarters.

Monday, 27.04. Caligari 20:00
Tuesday, 28.04. Alpha 13:30
in the presence of Gábor Dettre and László Kántor producer
Wednesday, 29.04. Kino DFM 22:30

'Highlights', a special section for the curious and adventurous: goEast presents outstanding films which have already had successful runs in their countries of origin or at international festivals. These highlights of the Central and Eastern European cinema are films one would be sorry to miss. The 'Highlights' selection includes the international premiere of FLUKE, the first feature directed by Tamás Keményffy.
Friday, 24.04. Alpha 20:00
in the presence of Tamás Keményffy

'Signature', a selection of original and independent films which have one thing in common: They go against the grain, presents the directorial debut of Attila Gigor, THE INVESTIGATOR.
Thursday, 23.04. Alpha 14:00

The goEast film festival was founded in 2001 by the Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF with the goal of acquainting a wider audience with the films and cultural landscape of our neighbours in Eastern Europe.