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Hungarian Films in Karlovy Vary
BETA MNF / Magyar Filmunió - Budapest 1365 Pf. 748. - Hungary - Phone: +36 1 461 1320
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Hungarian Films in Karlovy Vary

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The 43rd edition of the Karlovy Vary IFF shows altogether seven Hungarian films including the big surprise hit of the latest Hungarian Film Week, Attila Gigor's THE INVESTIGATOR in the main competition.
Main Competition
The Investigator / A nyomozó
Director: Attila Gigor
Hungary, Sweden, Ireland, 2008, 107 min, IP
An unconventional story about a man who, in order to save his cancer-stricken mother, agrees to carry out the assassination of someone he’s never met. As a pathologist he performs the murder quickly and almost painlessly. A letter he receives after the killing, however, reveals to him circumstances about which he knew nothing.
10.7., 20:00, Grand Hall
11.7., 10:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
Documentary Competition
Lost World / Letűnt világ
Director: Gyula Nemes
Hungary, Finland, 2008, 20 min, WP
In his latest film, young Hungarian director Gyula Nemes follows on from his previous visual study The Dike of Transience with a film of related theme and form. Again in raw black-and-white images, we encounter the distinctive figures inhabiting the houseboats close to Budapest’s Kopaszi dam.
10.7., 15:30, Čas Cinema
11.7., 19:00, Panasonic Cinema
East of the West Competition
Director: Róbert Lakatos
Hungary, Austria, Germany, 2008, 80 min, IP
An original fiction documentary about a pair of Hungarian Borats on a trip across Europe. Lali, a moustached gypsy, and a bald gadzo named Lori come from Transylvania and are friends to the end. A film full of sheer Eastern European poetry effectively portraying the clash between the spontaneous East and the more reserved West.
11.7., 19:30, Theatre Karlovy Vary
12.7., 10:30, Cinema Lázně III
Tableau / Tabló
Director: Gábor Dettre
Hungary, 2008, 120 min, IP
Karcsi, a Roma policeman, lives with Eva, a Swede. One day he is called to the scene of the murder of a wealthy trafficker named Schulter. He begins to investigate the crime and untangle a complex situation – one that he, himself, complicates even further. Tableaux is a dark, grotesque crime film, a bitter testimony of the cruelty of today’s world, of racism and the attitude of majorities towards minorities.
10.7., 19:30, Theatre Karlovy Vary
11.7., 13:30, Cinema Lázně III
Open Eyes
Director: Kornél Mundruczó
Hungary, Germany, 2008, 92 min
A quiet young man returns to his native region, the wild Delta, where the villagers live cut off from the world around them, and where he and his sister become closer than social convention permits. The isolated environment of the village in the middle of the water helps build a strong, minimalist drama experienced more inwardly than outwardly.
5.7., 11:00, Theatre Karlovy Vary
9.7., 22:00, Cinema GH Pupp
12.7., 22:00, Panasonic Cinema
The Man from London
Director: Béla Tarr
Hungary, Germany, France, 2007, 135 min
Indirect participation in a crime transforms a life-weary harbour guard’s view of fundamental existential questions in a crime story that doesn’t allow itself to get tied down by the detective genre. A film noir based on the book by Georges Simenon and created by the director of Satan’s Tango, starring Miroslav Krobot and Tilda Swinton.
5.7., 10:30, Cinema GH Pupp
10.7., 13:30, Richmond Cinema
2008: A Musical Odyssey
A Guest of Life – Alexander Csoma de Körös / Az élet vendége – Csoma legendárium
Director: Tibor Szemzö
Hungary, 2006, 79 min
An ambient film which sets off up into the Himalayas on the trail of Hungarian scholar Csoma, who compiled the first dictionary of the Tibetan language. In his mysterious, witty and Zen-inspired open form, filmmaker Tibor Szemzö (known chiefly as an eclectic musician) incorporates Asian music, 8mm footage and animation.
8.7., 16:00, Husovka Theatre
10.7., 22:00, Husovka Theatre
Tribute to Juraj Jakubisko
Director: Juraj Jakubisko
Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Hungary, 2008, 140 min, WP
Passionate embraces, raw details from the battlefield, sweeping landscape panoramas, a newborn baby frozen into a block of ice, a dreamlike scene from a Monteverdi opera – these are the images which are branded on the emotional memory of the viewer.
5.7., 17:00, Grand Hall