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Three Features to be Premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF
BETA MNF / Magyar Filmunió - Budapest 1365 Pf. 748. - Hungary - Phone: +36 1 461 1320
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Three Features to be Premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF

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palfi_2014Central Europe’s most prestigious and popular A-category film festival will premiere György Pálf’s FREE FALL in Competition and directorial debuts by Virág Zomborácz and Gábor Reisz in the East of the West Competition in July.

"Hungarian director György Pálfi, one of Europe’s most original filmmakers today, comes to Karlovy Vary with Free Fall, a sad and grotesque look at contemporary society. Through seven stories, Pálfi presents an alarming report on the state of humanity using his typical provocativeness and boundless imagination." – said Karel Och,  KVIFF's artistic director.

szabadeses_100György Pálfi’s latest film has been co-produced by Budapest based KMH Film, Popfilm and Sciapode France, in the framework of Jeonju International Film Festival, South-Korea - JIFF’s JeonJu Digital Project.
World Sales: KMH Film

Upon Pálfi’s impressive debut with Hukkle (EFA Discovery Award, 2002) at the age of 28, he won numerous awards from prestigious film festivals around the world. His next films such as Taxidermia and Final Cut – Ladies and Gentlemen have surprised the world and made him the most noteworthy young director in Hungary. Taxidermia was invited to various film festivals including Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. Final Cut – Ladies and Gentlemen was included in 2012 Cannes Classics (Festival de Cannes). Free Fall is a film of retrospectives into six different lives through a moment’s time. It is expected to be an unique omnibus filled with surrealism images, symbols and poignant humors.

In Free Fall, György Pálfi's imagination expands beyond boundaries, like a young man running through the wall in the film.
An old lady jumps off an apartment building in Budapest. Instead of a horrible death, she picks up the pieces of her broken glasses and walks up the stairs. As she climbs each floor, kaleidoscopic stories taking place in the building's seven rooms are shown on the screen.
The lady played by Molnar Piroska, who worked with Pálfi's in Taxidermia, stands at the center of the tapestry-like story. These events seem to have occurred somewhere or to occur in the future.
The seven rooms reenacting different genres, such as SF, horror, romance, and sitcom, equal to the storage of imagination. A woman walking around naked at a decent party, a couple making love while wrapped in plastic, or a woman undergoing an operation to send her baby back to her womb; none of these is close to normality. Where is the destination of these bizarre stories, then? Questioning the concept of normality, Free Fall is a grotesque film full of elements which Pálfi's fans would look forward to.
(Jang Byungwon)

utoelet_100Hungarian film Afterlife (Utóélet) will open the East of the West competition
World Sales: Hungarian National Film Fund

After Mózes starts seeing the ghost of his authoritative, recently-deceased father, the diffident and insecure young man is forced to take matters into his own hands: he has to deal with the relationship with his father once and for all.
An energetic debut from Virág Zomborácz in a refreshing blend of genres, combining humorous episodes verging on the bizarre with elements of high drama.

Afterlife portrays a pastor’s family and focuses on the relationship between the father and his son. The father is now dead and the son has to work out what’s keeping the annoying ghost of his father in the earthly dimension. He takes advice from a professional medium and starts to sew up a series of loose ends to set the ghost free. Such an unusual grieving process finally affects the life of the whole family.
2011 MEDIA European Talent Prize Winner Project

van_valami_100Gábor Reisz directorial debut feature in East of the West Competition:
For Some Inexplicable Reason
(VAN valami furcsa és megmagyarázhatatlan)
World Sales: Alpha Violet

Áron is pushing 30, he’s just finished university, his girlfriend has broken up with him, and his parents won’t stop meddling in his life. After a wild night celebrating his birthday, he wakes up in possession of a one way ticket to Lisbon – and decides to accept the challenge and head out into the unknown.…
In his humorous indie film, debut director Gábor Reisz stands somewhat aloof as he explores the protagonist’s search for himself and his place in life.

Áron stands in his life as an average 29 years old weirdo. He has many contemporary complexes, a fresh university degree, and an up-to-date broke up.
His parents have to support him financially as he is still a job seeker and while Áron is agonizing on his lost love, he is always interrupted by something; it seems like he’s not the main character in is life.
"For some inexplicable reason" is an unconventional coming of age story, about the unbearable lightness of being a youngster, with an exact glimpse about the city in which Áron lives in: Budapest.