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Fliegauf conquers Berlin IFF

Fliegauf conquers Berlin IFF


2012_berlinale_silverbear_fbJury Grand Prix - Silver Bear, Peace Film Prize and Amnesty International Film Prize crowned Bence Fliegauf's JUST THE WIND at the 62nd Berlinale closing ceremony.

Peace Film Prize 2012
The jury is composed of 9 members and views films from every section. The 5,000-Euro prize is donated by the Peace Film Award Initiative in association with the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). The Peace Film Prize Jury can also award Special Mentions.

Csak a szél / Just The Wind by Bence Fliegauf
csak_a_szel_kisfiuBased on a true murder series of Roma in Hungary, the film Csak a szél shows a fictional day in the life of a Roma family; twenty-four hours in fear of the violence choosing its next victim. The film director shows the tropic of fear in which the Roma live, constantly on the run, always expecting another humiliation, always in distress, preferably invisible and unprotected rather than being visible and exposed.
The film director manages to undermine the common mythical and resenting image of the Roma, and to show his characters in all their individuality and brokenness. Csak a szél creates images which leave a strong impression through their aesthetic precision and humanistic profoundness: when the son buries the carcass of the dead pig which had belonged to the family that had been murdered the day before, because it is the only thing he can do; how the daughter observes the rape of a fellow classmate without helping her, instead she turns away with a look that remembers, that knows that it could be her instead, and how this same daughter from a neglected family is taken for a swim by her drunken mother and her dozing father – a short moment of happiness which appears to be only a postponement of the horror yet to come.
The film director Bence Fliegauf does not romanticise the Roma and their way of life, he rather shows us the world of those unprotected who live among us and whose everyday life in 21st century Europe is still defined by resentment, taboos and violence.

Members of the Jury: Christoph Heubner, Mehdi Benhadj-Djilali, Monica Ch. Puginier, Marianne Wündrich-Brosien, Burhan Qurbani, Helgard Gammert-Jakli, Carolin Emcke, Till Passow, Sung-Hyung Cho

Amnesty International Film Prize 2012
The German branch of Amnesty International has awarded the Amnesty International Film Prize for the first time at the Berlinale 2005. This award has already been presented at other international film festivals. The prize is worth 5,000 Euros. The jury will view films entered into the Competition, Panorama, Forum and Generation sections, paying special attention to documentaries. The aim of the prize is to draw the attention of audiences and representatives of the film industry to the theme of human rights and encourage filmmakers to tackle this topic.

csakaszel500Csak a szél / Just The Wind by Bence Fliegauf
The film points skillfully to the alarming situation of Roma in our neighbouring country Hungary. The audience takes part in the everyday live of a Romani family up to the point of their assassination. The bucolic summer day is oppressively overlayed by the prefigured tragic conclusion. The edgy camera work makes the vexing fear of the characters accessible fort he observer. Bence Fliegauf reminds us in a striking manner what it means to live between everyday discrimination and racist terror.

Members of the Jury: Markus Beeko, Birgit Minichmayr, Ayat Najafi