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Summer Film School Focus on Hungary

Summer Film School Focus on Hungary


hannibal_fabri38th Uherske Hradiste Summer Film School (21-28 July), the largest non-competitive film event in the Czech Republic, attended by thousands of young cinema lovers, devotes its Focus program to Hungarian cinematography.
István Szabó, Marcell Jankovics and Bence Fliegauf will be in attendance.

"Focus section, year by year concentrated on the history of a national cinematography, is this year dedicated to the history of Hungarian film. The choice of Hungary for this section actually represents a climax of relentless surveying of (mainly contemporary) Hungarian film at the previous Summer Film Schools (retrospectives of Péter Bacsó, György Pálfi or Béla Tarr). Focus Hungary is completing the previous activities with emphasis on classic Hungarian movies and by presenting three exceptional Hungarian authors of three generations: István Szabó, Marcell Jankovics and Bence Fliegauf."

Silent Movie and the 30s
Selection of several movies mapping the beginnings of Hungarian cinematography which was quite early forced to respond to dissolution of Austria-Hungary and which also had to deal with a strong wave of immigration (e.g. later Oscar winning director Michael Curtiz, n.p. Manó Kaminer Kertész).

60s as the Golden Era of Hungarian Film
This period, sometimes called the Hungarian new wave, is represented by debuts of the greatest figures of the Hungarian cinematographic history (Miklós Jancsó, István Szabó, Márta Mészáros) and is characterized by artistically highly original and innovative movies, often inspired by Western examples (e.g. French new wave and its authors like Goddard or Truffaut). The Summer Film School is presenting a carefully compiled collection of key works of this decade, including movies like Father (directed by I. Szabó), The Red and the White (M. Jancsó), Love (K. Makk) or Szindbad (Z. Huszárik).

Development of Hungarian Comedy
This subsection represents an antipole to artistically outstanding and insistent pictures of the 60s. This overview of Hungarian comedy captures several typical representatives of comedy movies from particular decades and shows different approaches of Hungarian authors to this genre. You will thus find comedies that are moralistic (Professor Hannibal), black (Black Coffee) as well as crazy (We Will Never Die).


Bence Fliegauf - A golden child of the contemporary Hungarian film that is being shaken by the crisis, and one of the most talented and the most promising authors of the European generation. Bence Fliegauf got into our awareness with his short and feature pictures that are on the border of experimental film with radical ambient atmosphere and extraordinary image and sound. His position within the European cinematography was subsequently secured by valued actors films Womb (starring Eva Green) and Just the Wind (Silver Bear on Berlinale 2012, Czech premiere at the SFS). Bence Fliegauf is presenting a complete retrospective of his feature films at the SFS.

Marcell Jankovics - The most famous Hungarian author of animated films has been nominated for Oscar (short film Sisyphus) as well as for the Golden Palm from the Cannes Festival (short film The Struggle). At the Summer Film School, Jankovics is presenting his brand new project The Tragedy of Man whose showing will be the Czech premiere. It is a monumental animated history of mankind on the background of eternal struggles of the good and the evil, an individual and the masses, ideology and individuality.

István Szabó - A legend of Hungarian cinematography and a director, who has been artistically active for already six decades, is coming with his new movie The Door (Czech premiere at the SFS) this year. Szabó is a key person in the history of Hungarian cinematography – in the 60s, he helped to define the new Hungarian film influenced by West-European examples, in the 80s his Mephisto reached the so far brightest success in Hungarian film (Foreign Language Oscar) and at the turn of the century, the world audience was being fascinated by his great co-productions with marvellous actors (Ralph Fiennes, Annette Bening, Harvey Keitel, Jeremy Irons). The retrospective at the SFS is going to show a representative overview of his works.