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Hungarian films at Haifa IFF

Hungarian films at Haifa IFF


vizsga_nagyzs_100Péter Bergendy’s THE EXAM and Bence Fliegauf’s JUST THE WIND on show at Israel’s leading cinema event running between 29 September – 8 October. Screening schedule

The Exam - A vizsga
20:00 30/9/12 Tikotin
20:00 7/10/12 Cinematheq

Dir.: Péter Bergendy
Pro.: István Bodzsár
Sc.: Norbert Köbli
DP.: Zsolt Tóth
Ed.: István Király
Music: Gergely Parűdy
Cast: János Kulka, Zsolt Nagy, Gabriella Hámori, Péter Scherer

The failed 1956 revolution led to a noted increase in Soviet surveillance in Hungary and a law that stated that each National Security officer had to be unwittingly tested to see if they were truly devoted to the communist cause, leading to the schizophrenically paranoid situation where each spy was not only spying but also spied upon. Andras Jung is a handsome 30-year-old National Security agent who poses as a German teacher. His direct superior, 50-year-old Marko, gets the order to test Andras, who keeps a precious list of the other agents he meets and collects information from.

Péter Bergendy was born in 1964 in Budapest. Bergendy graduated in psychology from ELTE University in Budapest and then worked and published in the field. In his books he touches on film psychology. His artistic career began in Hungarian television in 1984. He was later employed by the Hungarian Film Institute, and in 1991-2002 he ran Hungary's variation on the widely read magazine Cinema. He is also the cofounder of Stáb FilmFactory productions, which creates commercials, music videos, and children's TV programs. He took a character role in Nimród Antal's successful movie Control (2003). In 2004 he made his feature debut. / Filmography: Stop Mom Theresa! (2004)

Just the Wind - Csak a szel - Hungary's Official Oscar Entry
19:30 4/10/12 Rapaport
12:00 6/10/12 Rapaport

Dir.: Bence Fliegauf
Pro.: Ernő Mesterházy, András Muhi, Mónika Mécs
Sc.: Bence Fliegauf
DP.: Zoltán Lovasi
Ed.: Xavier Box
Music: Bence Fliegauf, Tamás Beke
Cast: Katalin Toldi, Gyöngyi Lendvai, Lajos Sárkány, György Toldi, Attila Egyed

News quickly spreads of the murder of a Romany family in a Hungarian village. The perpetrators have escaped and nobody claims to know who might have committed the crime. For another Romany family living close by, the murder only serves to confirm their latent, carefully repressed fears. Far away in Canada, the head of the family decides that his wife, children and their grandfather must join him as soon as possible. Back in Hungary, living in fear of the racist terror that surrounds them, the family tries to get through the day after the attack. By nightfall, when darkness descends on the village, the family pushes the beds closer together than usual.
Inspired by real events, the film puts a human face on the victims of racially motivated violence.


One of the most important filmmakers of the Hungarian avant-garde, Bence Fliegauf was born in Budapest in 1974. He trained as a set designer and worked as assistant director to Miklos Jancso. In 2004 Fliegauf was the guest of the Haifa IFF with his award-winning film Dealer and Womb was screened in the 2010 Haifa Festival. Just the Wind was presented in the 2012 Berlin Festival and won the Jury Grand Prix, the Peace award and the Amnesty Prize. / Filmography: Forest (2003), Dealer (2004), Milky Way (2007), Womb (2010)